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Lu Qi bit on her lips.

In front of so many people with expressions that said they were watching a show, she did not want to say anything.

But she was also scared that after losing this chance, there would really be no more chance.

Under the joking smile of Lu Man, Lu Qi was thick-skinned as she nodded her head.

“Yes, Older Sister, I want to be brought by you onto The Performer to perform.

With my acting skills, I wont drag you down.

After all, Ive filmed so many shows, I really have a lot of experience.”

“You really want to go so much” Lu Man asked.

Lu Qi was happy and hurriedly nodded.

“Right! Older Sister, we were not that happy about those matters, but these were all in the past.

Also, I know my mistake.

I was immature in the past, please forgive me.

You can bring me to The Perform, and we two sisters can perform together.

Ill definitely help you win the competition.”

Lu Qi saw that Lu Man was not saying anything and thought that she was convinced, that the two of them were about to get along again.

She held her arm.

“You dont know, right Dad came back just yesterday.

He had been busy in the South before.

When he came back yesterday, he said he missed you and asked you to go home for dinner.

Lets put aside what happened before.

I will never be so ignorant again.

In the future, how good would it be for us sisters to support each other”

“Thats not very good,” Lu Man suddenly said.

Lu Qi was currently happily thinking about the future, about dealing with it all after shed managed to get Lu Man secured on her side.

After shed used The Performer to rise up again, she would throw Lu Man away.

The harm that Lu Man had caused her in the past, she would return it a hundredfold.

Later on, should Lu Man want to continue in the entertainment industry…

Haha, dont even talk about the entertainment industry.

Lu Qi would make it such that Lu Man would not be able to go anywhere and be in a horrible place.

But now, she needed to first make Lu Man happy before anything else.

Lu Qi thought that she had managed to make Lu Man happy, but who could have thought that Lu Man would reject her instantly

Lu Qi thought that she had heard wrongly; she had on a face full of confusion.

“You… what did you say”

“I said, not good.” Lu Man smiled.

Her smile was very sweet, but the words she said were very cold.

“You want me to bring you into the show Ill gift you with two words.”

Lu Qi stiffly let go of Lu Mans arm and heard Lu Man say, word by word, “Dream.


“Pft!” No one knew who laughed first.

In the end, everyone followed and laughed lowly.

Everyone was laughing at Lu Qi.

At the start, they had still thought that Lu Man was really planning to forgive Lu Qi.

In their hearts, they were thinking that Lu Man was such a forgiving person.

If they were met with that kind of situation, they would definitely not forgive the other!

There were still people who found it strange.

Lu Man did not look like someone with such a good temper!

As expected, Lu Man refused to be nice.

Before this, she was just playing around with Lu Qi!

When Lu Qi heard those mocking laughter, her face turned bright red, her embarrassment turning into anger.

“Youre playing with me!” Lu Qi said angrily.

“Yep,” Lu Man admitted without hiding it, and there was a smile that made Lu Qi hate her a lot on her face.

She still dared to smile!

“I really wanted to get back with you, but you were tricking me!” Lu Qi said angrily.

“Ha, whether you are being real with me or not, both you and I clearly know.

Whats the use of pretending” Lu Man smiled coldly.

“You harmed me again and again, so why should I forgive you”

Lu Man paused a while, then suddenly looked at Lu Qi and smiled.

“If you want me to forgive you, its also possible.”

Lu Qi instinctively felt that what Lu Man would say next would not be any good.

As expected, she heard Lu Man say, “You can go through what you did to me once, and after that, Ill tell you again that we are family, and if you can forgive that, then Ill be speechless.”

Lu Qi felt that she was tricked by Lu Man again.

“I cant change what happened in the past.

How can I go through it once again

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