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“I can choose to stay silent and not say anything to the audience.

Even if the netizens online make many guesses, I did not stand up to say anything.

I do not have any arguments with your show.

What you want to do is your own problem.

Im not supporting it, and Im not participating in it.

Of course, I wont actively do things that will be harmful to you guys,” Lu Man said.

“But if you want me to take responsibility for something I should not have to take responsibility for, Im sorry, I cant do it.”

Team Leader Wu was both shocked and angry.

How did Lu Man know about these things!

“Thats all I have to say.” Lu Man said goodbye and hung up.

Team Leader Wu looked at his phone, stunned.

After a while, he understood what was going on.

Team Leader Wu angrily rushed out of his office and went to find Xu Yaojie.

“Assistant Director Xu, you told Lu Man and the rest about how we have already internally decided on the competition results” Team Leader Wu questioned in a low voice.

This was something that happened during the signing of the contracts.

Lu Man was with the other four students.

Lu Man learned of it, and Li Zeyu chose not to participate as well.

This meant that the other three people also knew.

It was just that those three people chose to participate.

Assistant Director Xus gaze turned away, guiltily not daring to look at Team Leader Wu.

“What How could I have said that”

When he saw his reaction, what else was there for Team Leader Wu to understand

“How could you tell this thing to Lu Man and the rest!” Team Leader Wu angrily pointed at Xu Yaojie.

“You… youre really useless!”

“Is it to that extent If it were not for the fact that Lu Man kept picking on that condition in the contract, why would I have said it And you had contacted Lu Man before! Youve talked to her already, right! You should know what kind of person she is.

Even if I hadnt said it, she could have guessed it,” Xu Yaojie said, strongly supporting what he did.

“Her own guessing and you directly telling her to prove it to her, are those the same things Youre throwing the evidence onto her hands!” Team Leader Wu was so angry that he exploded.

He was really an ally that was like a pig!

Lu Man did not have deep roots in the entertainment industry, and it could even be said that she had very shallow connections because she was a newcomer.

But there would always be people who forget that before she entered the entertainment industry, she was a very good public relations officer, the kind that was at the top of the industry.

Xu Yaojie directly throwing the weak point to Lu Man, wasnt he waiting for Lu Man to mess with him

Team Leader Wu suddenly recalled something.

Actually, even though Lu Man did not have deep roots in the entertainment industry, wasnt she still doing very well

Whoever went against her, no matter how good their background was, wasnt it over for them

Not to mention those small characters like Bai Shuangshuang and Yu Xingzhou: when Lu Man was yet to enter the entertainment industry, she had already managed to totally ruin them.

And when shed just entered the entertainment industry, that Zhang Lun was enough of a bigshot, right

Other people relied on backers, but he was his own backer.

And yet, wasnt he played with by Lu Man until his movie flopped

If Zhang Lun was not impressive enough, Bourbotte should be impressive enough, right

A top director in Hollywood, when he came here, wasnt he forced down by Lu Man until he flopped

Could you look upon Lu Man lightly because of her lack of deep roots in the entertainment industry

From what he was seeing, Xu Yaojie must have lost his mind!

To actually pass the secret manipulations of the show to Lu Man.

Xu Yaojie refused to admit it.

He still pulled on his neck and said, “Even if I said it, she doesnt have any evidence!”

“What happened” Assistant Director Wang walked over upon seeing that the two were arguing until they were red in their face, which was out of the ordinary.

Team Leader Wu took a deep breath.

He was angry at Xu Yaojie, but Assistant Director Wang was innocent.

He could not throw his temper at him.

He forced himself to suppress his anger and told Assistant Director Wang, “Assistant Director Xu told Lu Man and the rest about the internal decision regarding the competitions results.

That was why Li Zeyu and Lu Man did not sign the contract.”

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