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Chapter 888: However Dumb He Is, You Are Equally As Dumb

Han Dongping looked on coldly.

Now that the whole family had already recognized Lu Man, whatever he said would be useless.

He would only be attacked by everyone.

But just because of that, would he agree to let Lu Man enter the family


No wonder Lu Man had had such a strong presence ever since she entered the industry, daring to attack everyone.

Wasnt it just because she was making use of the fact that Han Zhuoli was behind her, and the Han Family as well

If it were not for that, why would she dare to be so arrogant

Lu Man could not bring the Han Family, or Han Zhuoli, even a bit of benefit.

Instead, she needed to use the Han Familys resources.

How was she different from a parasite!

Lu Man wanted to enter the family

He would not let that happen!

Old Mrs.

Han was already old.

She was already confused, thinking that Lu Man getting pregnant so early was because she wanted to let Han Zhuoli have a child early.

But the truth was that she wanted to use a child to keep Han Zhuoli—to hurry and enter the Han Family.

Lu Mans schemes were quite good, but it was a pity she met him.

Lu Man could dream on about getting this sort of advantage!

Han Dongping did not say anything at this moment.

His eyes had a cold look to it, just staring at Lu Mans stomach.

Old Mrs.

Han was immersed in her happiness over the promise of a bundle to carry.

Even though Han Zhuoling also had one, he lived in Europe.

Naturally, Han Linkai would be with his parents, and just seeing him once or twice a year was not good enough.

Because of her thoughts, Old Mrs.

Han did not notice Han Dongpings gaze.

But Old Mr.

Han saw.

He was an old man, so he could not keep staring at his granddaughter-in-law and refuse to let go.

Instead, he stared at his son.

He just so happened to see Han Dongpings expression.

Old Mr.

Hans face darkened, and he suddenly stood up.

“Elder son, come with me to the study for a while.”

Han Dongping thought that Old Mr.

Han had some legitimate work for him and was a bit touched.

Right now, the head of the family was Han Xijin.

Han Xijin did not manage the Han Corporation and, instead, managed the whole family.

Because of that, if there was any big situation, Old Mr.

Han would look for Han Xijin to discuss it.

This caused Han Dongping to feel that he was not very well-looked-upon.

His ability was not bad, though.

What he was lacking in was that he did not manage to awaken the ability of the family head.

This was chosen by heaven.

It had nothing to do with his ability.

But treating him this way—wasnt it very unfair

Now that the Old Mr.

Han was calling him, Han Dongping hurriedly stood up and followed.

Yet as soon as he entered the study, the door had just closed when Old Mr.

Han said in a low voice, “Get rid of the thoughts that you should not have!”

Han Dongping looked at the Old Mr.


“Dad, what are you saying I dont understand!”

“You kept staring at Lu Man, having bad intentions.

Did you think that I didnt see it” Old Mr.

Han was so angry that he laughed.

“What Shen Nuo said has logic.

I really dont understand either—Zhuoli is just your nephew, not your son.

Arent you being too concerned What kind of girl he wants to be with, thats his problem.

What does it have to do with you His father and mother dont have any problem with it, so what kind of say should you have!”

“But what Zhuoli represents is not just himself! If he were like Zhuoling and Zhuofeng, it would be one thing, but hes the next family head.

What he needs to find is not just a wife, its the Han Familys female head.

How can he just randomly find one” Han Dongping argued.

“Furthermore, Lu Man doesnt have anything, and whatever she has now was all given to her by Zhuoli! She cant give anything to the Han Family.

Furthermore, she has such a dumb father!”

“Hm” Old Mr.

Han laughed.

“So you could recognize that Lu Qiyuan is dumb Dont you know that you are not much better than he is Let me tell you, if you look at Lu Qiyuans dumb actions, itll be like youre looking in a mirror.

No matter how dumb he is, you are just as dumb.

Make no mistake about that.”

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