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The Performer had managed to get Wei Fengs main sponsorship for 500 million yuan with much difficulty.

They had been planning that, after the show started to air and the response was good, they would directly expose the amount that they received to slap Classic X Files‘s face.

 Whod have thought that with Lu Man involved, the 500-million-yuan main sponsorship would fly away and be reduced to 40 million

 Given their viewership ratings, it didnt look like they would be able to fight, and even in terms of their main sponsorship fees, they could not compare.

 “Its not an actual competition.

The results of the competition are more for entertainment purposes,” Hu Zhonghui said.

“It doesnt matter what the result is.

I feel that this opportunity is not bad.

A lot of young actors want to go on this show.

What do you say”

 “I also think that its not bad.

I can participate,” Lu Man said.

 “If you think its fine, then Ill reply to them.

The other party said that if we are willing to participate, then they will come over to properly talk in detail with us,” Hu Zhonghui said.

 “Alright,” Lu Man agreed.

 It just so happened that Lu Man was having a holiday right now.

As she wanted to participate in some shows, it would be very convenient.

 After hanging up the phone, she told Han Zhuoli about the matter.

 Han Zhuoli nodded to express his support.

“This show is not bad.

Although its very much for entertainment, it doesnt ignore the basics of acting.

Using the basis of entertainment and yet still emphasizing on spreading the spirit of acting—the last part is not really a true competition.

Because of that, the guests dont really care about winning or losing.

As there are no consequences to either winning or losing, there are no inner workings.”

Thus, on the second day, the assistant director of Classic X Files personally came down from the East of China to B City, checked in, and rested for a while.

 In the afternoon, they set an appointment to meet with Lu Man in the cafe on the first floor of the hotel.

 Lu Man brought Hu Zhonghui along for the appointment.

Because it was Sunday, Han Zhuoli was also resting at home, and so he directly sent Lu Man to the hotel.

 Upon reaching the entrance of the hotel, Han Zhuoli said, “Chat slowly, there is no rush.

Make sure to talk about all the details.

Ill wait for you here and drive you home later.”

 “Then Ill try my best to finish discussing with them quickly,” Lu Man said.

She could not bear to let Han Zhuoli wait for too long.

 He was normally busy.

It was rare that he could rest.

 Han Zhuoli rubbed Lu Mans hair.

“Go on in.”

 Lu Man got down from the car.

Hu Zhonghui was already waiting at the entrance of the hotel.

 Seeing Lu Man, she hurriedly waved.

“Lu Man, come over.”

 “Is that assistant director already here” Lu Man asked as she walked over.

 “Not yet.

Hes staying here, so hell directly come down and will be quick.

Im scared that hell wait long as thatll cause us to leave a bad impression, so I was going to tell him when we arrived,” Hu Zhonghui explained and took out her phone to call the director.

 “Director Chi, hello, Im Hu Zhonghui.

Lu Man and I have already reached the hotel,” Hu Zhonghui said.

 Lu Man thought in her heart, This assistant directors name is really quite interesting.

 Director Chi Director Chi1, causing people to think it sounds like “late.”

 After hanging up the phone, Hu Zhonghui casually asked, “Did the driver send you over”

 “Its Zhuoli who sent me,” Lu Man casually said.

 Hu Zhonghui was suddenly alert.

“F*ck, it was our CEO in the car just now!”

 “…” Lu Man was a bit muddled by Hu Zhonghuis sudden exclamation.

“Ye… yes.”

 “I just knew it, I just knew it.” Hu Zhonghui was extremely regretful.

“Of course its our boss who sends you personally.

I actually did not go up to greet him.”

 Lu Man laughed.

“If you want to, when we leave later on, we can send you home.

You can greet him all the way back.”

 Upon hearing that, Hu Zhonghui almost shook her head off.

“No no no no no, I can go home by myself! Theres no need for the boss to send me!”

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