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Chapter 903: This Can Probably Be Called… Taking Strong Measures Only After Courteous Ones Have Failed

Lu Man and Hu Zhonghui both shook Chi Xingruis hand and bade goodbye to him.

Chi Xingrui said, “Alright, then, when I get back tomorrow, Ill send you the script.

You can prepare beforehand.”

“Alright.” Lu Man smiled as she sent Chi Xingrui off.

She and Hu Zhonghui left the hotel and she gave a call to Han Zhuoli.

After a short while, Han Zhuoli drove over.

Hu Zhonghui was shocked too.

Their Big Mr.

CEO had directly become Lu Mans private chauffeur!

Han Zhuoli stopped the car at the stairs before the entrance.

He got off the car and walked towards Lu Man.

Hu Zhonghui hurriedly called out, “CEO!”

She was so nervous that her tongue was almost all tied up.

Han Zhuoli nodded lightly.

Lu Man asked, “Are you heading home straight Or do you still have an appointment after this”

Hu Zhonghui immediately recalled that when she came, Lu Man had told her that she would send her back.

How could she ever dare to let Han Zhuoli send her home!

Hu Zhonghui hurriedly shook her head.

“Ive already agreed to meet a friend to watch a movie.

Ill be on my way first.”

Lu Man smiled and said, “Why are you in such a hurry Well send you.”

“No need, no need!” Hu Zhonghui hurriedly shook her head and waved her hands.

“Ill take the subway by myself! Its just nearby, the subway station is right around the corner.

Its even faster than taking a car!”

Hu Zhonghui anxiously took a step back and immediately gave Han Zhuoli a 90-degree bow.

“CEO, Ill be taking my leave first!”

After standing up straight, she waved to Lu Man.

“Lu Man, goodbye, goodbye!”

Lu Man: “…”

What exactly did Han Zhuoli do to give her such a psychological trauma

He had made her so agitated.

After watching Hu Zhonghui leave, Han Zhuoli was extremely satisfied.

It looked like she could read the situation and decided not to disturb his private time with Lu Man.

He would give her some bonus when he got back.

“Get in the car.” Han Zhuolis gaze was warm.

Chi Xingrui had walked as far as the hotel elevator when he suddenly realized that he should probably tell Lu Man once more to not be so hard on herself and that it was fine even if she couldnt find anyone.

Yet, once he came out, he saw the back view of Han Zhuoli helping Lu Man into the car.

He didnt see his face.Read more chapters at Listnovel.com

However, somehow, Chi Xingrui felt that this persons back looked so familiar!

Chi Xingrui shook his head.

Never mind if he didnt manage to catch up.

He turned around and left the hotel.


In the car, Lu Man told Han Zhuoli in detail how the discussion with Chi Xingrui went.

“Who are you thinking of inviting Give me a name list, Ill ask them,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Ok, Ill think about it when I get back.” Honestly, Lu Man didnt plan on really letting Han Zhuoli help her.

Say she forced that person to accommodate her.

Even if his or her schedule didnt match Lu Mans, he or she still wouldnt dare to refuse Han Zhuoli and would therefore still participate.

With such concerns, the quality of the performance would also not be as great.

Moreover, with that persons schedule so full, perhaps he or she wouldnt have the time to practice with her.

At most, they could have a rushed rehearsal to run things through on the day of the recording.

Lu Man felt that it would be better if she continued looking around and found someone who had the time and was also willing to volunteer to help out.

If she honestly couldnt find anyone, she would then get Han Zhuoli to force two people to come.

No matter what, she still had a backup plan.

This can probably be called… taking strong measures only after courteous ones have failed.

She put aside thinking about work.

Lu Man realized that Han Zhuoli wasnt heading in the direction of the mansion.

“Where are we going now” Lu Man asked curiously.

“To collect the ring.

The wedding ring Ive got custom-made for you is here,” Han Zhuoli explained.

He took the time to glance at the engagement ring on Lu Mans left middle finger.

Finally, he could make her wear a ring on her fourth finger.

A ring would be much more pleasant to the eyes if worn on her fourth finger instead.

“Custom-made for me What about yours” Lu Man asked.

“Of course it is too.” Han Zhuoli held on to her hand.

His thumb naturally fell onto her engagement ring and he rubbed against it.

“I just forgot to mention it.

Anyway, what matters most is that it is custom-made for you.

I can wear any design, Im just wearing it for the sake of it.”

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