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“He he, its a secret,” Chi Xingrui expressed.

He was also a little petty.

 Hu Zhonghui just went “aiyo.” “Assistant Director Chi, dont be like this! It doesnt affect you if you tell us.

At least give Lu Man a mental preparation.”


Anyway, its not something big.

Im not like you, hiding things and refusing to share it,” Chi Xingrui said.

“The one whos acting in the same episode as Lu Man is Qiao Luna.”

 “Eh Isnt Qiao Luna participating in The Performer” Hu Zhonghui asked.

 “Because Lu Man exposed the internal workings of The Performer, Qiao Luna also pulled out.” Qiao Luna did not care much for fair competition.

The main reason she did this was that she was scared that her popularity would be affected.

 Chi Xingrui was unhappy when he thought about it and nagged her again.

“Youre hiding it from me and not telling me the guests you invited.

Youre not letting the production group mental prepare ourselves.

If any accident happens in the future, the production group cant save it in time.”

 Hu Zhonghui thought in her heart, Do you really take me for someone whos unable to tell what is going on

 “Assistant Director Chi, your words cant trick me! Could it be that you also chased the actors your show had invited before and asked them about the guests they were inviting You guys were definitely not worried about them not being able to invite guests, right”

 After all, Classic X Files invited celebrities who were currently popular.

If they were not popular, they would not invite them.

 These celebrities had their own circles of friends, and the production group was naturally not worried about the guests they invited.

 And they all did keep it a secret and refused to say it, scared that if the guests in the same episode found out, they would change their mystery guest at the last minute, causing them to lose out.

 Under normal circumstances, they were competing during work, fighting for scripts, fighting for activities, fighting for advertisements, fighting to be the brand ambassador.

Even when going on a variety show, they naturally needed to compete as well.

 Competing for their own popularity, fighting for lines and screentime to attract the audiences attention and try to show themself off as much as they can…

Of course they refused to let the other party win.

 The mystery guest they were inviting, they would keep it a total secret.

 Chi Xingrui was instantly stunned by Hu Zhonghuis question.

“Fine, you have the most reasons.”

 “Anyway, we need to properly lay down measures to keep secrets.

We cant say it,” Hu Zhonghui said.

“Assistant Director Chi, dont worry, even if you cant trust me, cant you trust Lu Man”

 “Alright, alright.” Chi Xingrui could only stop asking.

 After hanging up, he went to report to Lu Dongliu.

 Lu Man shook her head helplessly.

“Even if you tell it to him, its fine.”

 “No, no, this is the plan.” Hu Zhonghui shook her index finger a few times.

“Director Sun, Director Ji, and Du Lin participating is something big.

If it is revealed and Qiao Luna finds out, then hurries to ask another person to compete with you, what would we do Oh right, the person in the same episode as you is Qiao Luna.”

 “Furthermore, if we let The Performer find out and they change their name list, what can we do The first time youre participating in a variety show, you need to oppress the first airing of The Performer!”

 Lu Man smiled and did not say anything else.

 Chi Xingrui had already told Lu Dongliu.

Lu Dongliu took a pen to hit his own forehead.

“How about this You can contact people first to see if there are any celebrities who have no work schedules recently, then observe secretly.

If, at that moment, the situation is not good, quickly call that person over.”

 Chi Xingrui nodded.


 Around the same time, Qiao Luna was also together with her manager and her assistant.

 “Have you found out who the celebrity in the same episode as me is yet” Qiao Luna asked.

 The manager shook her head, frowning and saying, “This is strange.

Normally, the production group will keep the mystery guest a secret, but they wont keep the celebrities in the episode a secret.

But this time, Chi Xingrui refuses to say it no matter what.

I asked the other workers, but no one knows.

It is said that Chi Xingrui went to sign the celebrity himself.”

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