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Thus, she could only wear a down feather jacket over her clothes.

 The makeup artist had done Lu Mans makeup halfway when Qiao Luna arrived, very late.

 Lu Man really admired Qiao Luna.

Even though she set off right behind her, she managed to delay for so long before entering.

 “Why arent you done with doing the makeup” Qiao Luna frowned, seeing that the makeup artist was still working on Lu Man.

 Xiao Zhao went to hurry the makeup artist.

“How long more will it take”

 The makeup artist estimated the time.

“Theres still about twenty minutes.”

 She still needed to do Lu Mans hair.

 “Wait for a moment, our other makeup artist will be coming instantly.” The makeup artist thought that Qiao Luna was in a hurry to do makeup, and so said that.

 Yet who knew that Xiao Zhao would wave her hand “Theres no need, we brought our own makeup artist here.”

 The makeup artist was stunned.

Then what was the use of asking how long more it would take

 Xiao Zhao pursed her lips and said unhappily, “Sister Luna is not used to using the same dressing room as others.”

 The makeup artist laughed in her heart and said on the surface, “I cant make the decisions for this.

Why dont you go and ask Assistant Director Chi”

 The emcee of this show did have a personal dressing room, but the emcee was a famous one, the main symbol of this show.

 Although he was an emcee, he was an A-lister.

 Could Qiao Luna compare

 Could it be that she wanted to take the dressing room of the shows emcee

 The makeup artists words made Qiao Luna unable to do anything.

 She actually wanted to show that she and Lu Man had different statuses, but she did not dare to risk anything with this show.

 At least given how she had just reemerged in the publics eye.

 And so she chose a seat to sit down on and had the makeup artist she brought do her makeup.

 When Lu Man had finished clearing up, Qiao Luna was still being picky about her makeup.

“Help me touch up my nose, it doesnt look sharp enough.”

 At that moment, the mysterious guests whom Qiao Luna invited to assist her came.

 One was Li Youjun, who became the nations boyfriend and got explosively popular through a web drama recently.

 Qiao Luna asking him to come was really quite smart.

 Although Li Youjun was extremely popular now, it was because of the web drama that had just become popular.

Because he had just become famous, his foundation was not strong and he could not be considered to have a large audience base.

As to how he will advance and what hell become in the future, he needed to properly plan for that.

 Now that he was popular, the most important thing was exposure and to appear on all kinds of popular variety shows.

 Because of that, Qiao Luna sought out Li Youjun, and the matter just happened to meet Li Youjuns needs.

 Li Youjun was using the popularity of his web drama, and he was currently the most popular.

 His appearance would definitely be a surprise for the audience.

 The other guest was a famous actress in the country, Shen Xijun, a strong female whod acted a lot or could be thought of as a grandma-category type of person.

 Those like Shen Xijun cannot be judged based on A-list and B-list anymore.

Teacher Shen Xijun, who was almost 50, could only be described as a performance artist.

 She was someone who was able to act in all kinds of roles and totally understand the character.

She was able to do that yet make it seem very easy to onlookers, not seeming like it took any effort.

 Shen Xijun rarely participated in variety shows, and Lu Man could imagine how shocked and happy the audience would be when they saw that it was actually Shen Xijun appearing on the Classic X Files stage.

At the same time, she was admiring how Qiao Luna could ask Shen Xijun to do it.

 Among the current A-list, aside for the few who were the top of the top, there were really no popular actors who could be compared with Shen Xijun.

 She did not think that Qiao Luna could actually manage to invite Shen Xijun.

 No, it would be more accurate to say that Zhong Hang could invite Shen Xijun for Qiao Luna.

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