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Chapter 932 This Is Very Thrilling

“But what is the use of asking Lu Man To speak the truth, Lu Man doesnt have such a great amount of pull, right She does have fame, but wanting to bring the audience to go against The Performer, that is unrealistic.

There is no use for the show to seek out Lu Man.”

“I feel that too.

Rather than inviting Lu Man to be the guest, wouldnt it have been better to invite her to be the public relations officer I dont dare to talk about whether shed have a big effect on the viewership ratings of the show or not, but in terms of the public relations of the show and making news trending, she definitely has skills!”

This sort of conversation could be heard in all parts of the audience seats, and most people agreed with that viewpoint.

Only a small portion did not say anything, feeling like they should watch it before saying anything.

Someone said, “Although Lu Man might not be able to help with the viewership ratings much, the show obviously wants to convey a message.

They are not scared of The Performers challenge, and they are even telling The Performer: how about we come and compete, see who has higher viewership ratings After all, Lu Man is someone who fell out with The Performer, and its not even wrong to say that they are enemies.

At such a time, this show inviting The Performers enemy over, it will be very exciting.”

“But since itll be The Performers first broadcast, the viewership ratings will be higher.

This episode is the third episode of Classic X Files, right Compared to the first episode, they are losing out a bit.”

“But that would depend on what kind of actions the Dong Hua Station takes after this.”

On stage, the two emcees were chatting with the guests, mostly using humor.

Very quickly, they began to split up into groups.

The original actors would be split up into two groups and will choose between Lu Man and Qiao Luna.

“That will be interesting.

Lu Man and Qiao Luna are old competitors, right”


Before this, when Zhang Luns Fighting Hero was airing, Qiao Luna stepped on Red Tiger, and so Lu Man caused Qiao Lunas Fighting Hero to become a flop.”

“Before this, I did not think that way, but hearing what you said now, I instantly feel that that is very 666.”

The two parties on stage began to have games to compete.

The games in each episode was mostly the same, and the audience members were very amused watching it but were not surprised.

“Now comes the second round of the competiton,” the emcee said.

“The two groups can send a representative up each to draw lots.

The first lot is the line you need to say, and the second decides what kind of emotions youll be using to perform those lines.”

The two groups sent out Lu Man and Qiao Luna.

“Based on the results of the previous match, Luna can draw lots first,” the emcee said.

Qiao Luna walked in front of the board and looked towards the audience.

“Which should I draw”

The audience started to come up with ideas freely.

“Draw the red one!”

“Draw the blue one!”

“Draw the yellow one!”

“Which one should I draw Can you guys come up with just one answer” Qiao Luna said again.

At that moment, there was someone in Qiao Lunas group who said, “Then how about red! Burning red, seeing red upon opening the door[1].”

“Alright, Ill listen to Teacher Wu.” Qiao Luna pulled out the red lot.

In the end, she took a look and was shocked.

“My line is,From the South came a Lama with five kilograms of mackerel in his hand.

From the North came a mute man with a trumpet pinned to his waist[2].”

“Hahaha, a tongue twister!”

The emcee said, “Come on, draw the lot for the emotion.”

Qiao Luna randomly took one and passed it to the emcee, and the emcee said, “Use the emotions of someone whose child had been snatched away to act it out.”

“Let me contemplate for a while.” Qiao Luna calmed down her emotions, then said, “Alright, Im done.”

The other people all made way and left the center stage for Qiao Luna.

[1] Having a good start.

[2] This is a tongue twister.

The original Chinese words are 打南邊來了個喇嘛,手裡提拉著五斤鰨獁.打北邊來了個啞巴,腰裡彆著個喇叭 (Dǎ nán bian lái le gè lǎ ma, shǒu lǐ tí lā zhe wǔ jīn tǎ mà.

Dǎ běi bian lái le gè yǎ bā, yāo lǐ bié zhāo gè lǎ bā).

Many of the words sound similar in Chinese, with different intonations, and thats why its a tongue twister.

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