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Chapter 939: Bullying You

Before Sun Yiwus and Ji Chengs movies sold very well, Zhang Lun was a top director in the country.

The actors in the country, including those few who were on Gao Zishans level, were all fighting to act in his movies.

She had managed to get a chance with much difficulty and acted in Zhang Luns Fighting Hero, but in the end, the movie was met with Red Tiger, which Lu Man had acted in, and Lu Man totally played with Fighting Hero until it flopped, causing her to meet the greatest trouble in her career.

She did not manage to do anything, and she definitely did not manage to use Fighting Hero to increase her fame and asking price.

Instead, she sadly got banned by the Han Corporation.

With very much difficulty, she managed to wait until her contract with the Han Corporation expired and moved to Zhong Hang.

Full of feelings and ready to reappear on the scene with great fanfare, shed placed all her hopes on Classic X Files.

This was only her first fight after she reappeared, and most especially, it was her first fight since she entered Zhong Hang.

Zhong Hang wanted to place the companys resources on her, and she needed to let the company see that she was worth the higher allocation of resources.

If the company were to feel that she was not worthy of so many resources, then it was over for her, and she would not be even as good as those new small celebrities.

Hence, no matter what, Qiao Luna could not lose this fight.

Yet unluckily, she met Lu Man again!

She had originally thought that Lu Man was here to be a stepping stone.

A C-list small-time celebrity, not having any resources or connections, how could she be compared to her

After coming today, she had discovered that Lu Man managed to find only Du Lin, a single person, and could not seek out any other guests at all.

Qiao Luna was so happy that she was even more gloating.

Thinking about how she was harmed by Lu Man in the past, Qiao Luna could not help but grab this opportunity and not let go.

She used all her might to go against Lu Man, to mock Lu Man.

Whod have known that in the blink of an eye, Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng would actually come!

With these three people here, how could Qiao Luna win

The limelight was all stolen by Lu Man; Qiao Luna was definitely going to be considered a backdrop.

The company had sought out Shen Xijun with much difficulty, but she could no longer win.

How could she go and inform the company!

“Director Sun, Director Sun!” At that moment, the head director of Classic X Files, Lu Dongliu, hurriedly came over.

He had just heard his assistant say that Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng had actually come.

But while the assistant was talking, she did not know whether Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng were here to help Lu Man and was just guessing.

As soon as Lu Dongliu entered, he directly walked in front of Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.

“Welcome, welcome, why did you two come Our production team is really too blessed!”

Ji Cheng smiled and explained, “We are just here to be Lu Mans guests.”

“Both of you” Lu Dongliu asked in shock.

“Of course.

Otherwise, Director Sun wouldnt have also come,” Ji Cheng said with a smile.

“Director Sun arranged the show, and he even used his power secretly to add a role for himself!”


Sun Yiwu arranged the show!

The audience would be shocked!

Thats right.

Among Lu Mans three guests, two were directors, and they were even big-time directors!

Not using them to arrange the show would have been a waste.

But these were two directors!

This was also a big waste, alright

That was not right.

The important point was not that—the important point was that Sun Yiwu, you arent properly filming your movie.

You are running to a variety show to be a director for one of the segments, which is only 20 minutes long.

Wasnt it too much of a waste

This was really overdoing it!

Youre a big director—running over to direct this small segment, wouldnt this serve to bully people

Yes, the one who was being bullied was Qiao Luna!

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