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Chapter 958: People Say That a Short Separation Is Worse Than a New Marriage

With her going away and coming back, it was really the case this time that she missed him.

Her two arms wrapped around his neck, and her thin and long fingers weaved through his hair, holding the back of his head.

Han Zhuoli took a deep breath, his breathing especially stiff.

He then hugged Lu Man, his whole body trembling a bit.

Heavily, he pressed on her.

“I want to have you here, but I feel that that is not suitable.”

His voice was so hoarse that it scared Lu Man.

There were CCTVs all about the carpark, of course.

The place was not suitable.

Even if Lu Man wanted to use her hand to help him, she did not dare to.

What if they were filmed

Han Zhuoli also thought about that.

How could he let his girl be seen by others

He took a deep breath.

His nose was full of Lu Mans sweet scent, which was clear and seductive.

Then he tightly hugged Lu Man and touched her waist and legs.

But he did not dare to touch the vital places.

He would not be able to hold himself back if he touched them right now.

He really would not be able to leave.

Han Zhuoli decided to just close his eyes, grit his teeth, and tell Lu Man, “Hurry and sit back into the passenger seat.

My self-control is not good enough.”

He could not even dare to carry her back to her seat.

Because as soon as his hand touches Lu Man, hed wish he could stick his hand on her and not move it away.

At that time, never mind carrying her back to her seat—theyd be stuck in their current position and not move.

Theyd stay there for two hours!

Lu Man: “…”

Seeing how the man was acting, she did not dare to tease him either.

However, there was limited space in the car.

It was also a bit tough climbing back by herself.

There was a lot of space to put things between the drivers and the passengers seat, causing Lu Mans two legs to not be able to reach the ground at all.

They could only dangle by the passengers seat.

This time, she could only rest her hand on Han Zhuolis shoulder, one hand on the support in front of the seat, and slowly move towards the front passengers seat.

Her two legs could not reach the ground, and naturally, she could not use force.

In the end, it became her rubbing on Han Zhuolis legs.

But she also just happened to rub against Han Zhuolis most uncomfortable place.

She then heard Han Zhuoli make a low sound, then grab Lu Mans waist with his two hands.

“Stop rubbing!”

Lu Man: “…”

So willful!

“I cant go over,” Lu Man could only say.

Han Zhuoli looked and instantly regretted it.

Asking her to climb back by herself was more torturing for him.

So he took a deep breath and quickly carried Lu Man back.

Lu Man hurriedly put on her seatbelt, not letting Han Zhuoli have a chance to hug her again.

Han Zhuoli gritted his teeth.

“Im going out to enjoy the wind for a bit.”

Even by just smelling the scent on Lu Man, he wanted to do it.

Lu Mans face was red as she watched Han Zhuoli get out of the car, enjoy the cold wind outside, and stay there for a while before coming in, his body full of cold air.

Lu Man secretly took a look.

Naturally, he had calmed down.

Only then did Han Zhuoli drive the car and follow Lu Man back into the villa.

Before entering the door, Han Zhuoli suddenly asked her, “Did you eat on the plane”

Lu Man nodded.

“I ate already.”

“Thats great,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man did not understand.

What did he mean by that

And in the end, as soon as they entered the door, Lu Man was bending down to change her shoes when she was suddenly carried up by Han Zhuoli with one hand around her waist.

Hence, she was directly placed between his arm and the side of his body as she was being carried.

“Zhuoli, what are you doing” Lu Man was stunned.

This was how one carries cats and dogs, alright

Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He were still waiting by the door to welcome them.

But in the end, she saw Han Zhuoli directly ignore the two of them and carry her upstairs.

Auntie He: “…”

Butler Xiao Wang: “…”

“Haha, people say that a short separation is worse than a new marriage[1],” Auntie He said, laughing dryly.

“A night is also considered a short separation, right”

[1] In terms of the honeymoon period of a relationship.

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