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“But we wont be filmed, so there are no restrictions on what the staff can bring,” the director explained.

“Self-heating hotpots are easy to bring around and convenient as well.”

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Many thanks.

You even brought one for me.”

“Youre too polite.

Its what I should do,” the director said with a smile before passing a box to the cameraman.

The cameraman fixed the camera on the stand before joining Shi Xiaoya and the director to pour water into their hotpot and wait for it to cook by itself.

Not long after, the scent of the self-heating hotpot overpowered that of the instant noodles.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Looking at the instant noodles in the pot, he suddenly did not feel like eating anymore.

Shi Xiaoya stared at Han Zhuoling as he played with the instant noodles in the pot.

The noodles were almost becoming overcooked, yet he did not look like he was going to eat it, which made her feel bad.

She was actually so magnanimous that she never thought that it was the mini hotpot on her side that actually agitated him.

She just thought, when had there been a time when the great Young Master Ling had suffered so much like this

Squatting in front of a small pot to eat instant noodles

It was another thing to say whether the great Young Master Ling had ever eaten instant noodles before at this age.

Seeing him squatting and cooking noodles just made him look too pitiful.

Especially when he had such a stern yet handsome face.

Even for a small thing like cooking noodles, with his serious face in the background, it would seem as if hed completed some important life matter.

Shi Xiaoya glanced at the self-heating mini hotpot in her hands and swallowed once before crouching like a cat and trying her best to stay out of the view of the camera as she slowly inched towards Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling had already noticed her when he was cooking the noodles.

Seeing her being so secretive now, he did not expose her either and just wanted to continue watching her.

He watched as she carried the mini hotpot with both hands.

As she was afraid that she would spill the hotpot soup, her actions were all very careful and cautious.

She moved while squatting, as if she was a crab moving horizontally.

She finally managed to move to his side.

Shi Xiaoya knew that her fingers had definitely been burned red by the mini hotpot.

The water had just boiled and was steaming hot.

The hotpot was in a plastic container, which did not insulate the heat well.

She almost could not take it on the way here and had to grit her teeth all the way to make it here.

Once shed moved to a spot close to Han Zhuoling, she quickly put the hotpot down on the ground.

She was actually not very close to Han Zhuoling, as she was afraid that she would get into the camera view and make it troublesome for the editor.

She could only hide carefully beyond the camera and stretch out her hand to quietly shift the hotpot to Han Zhuolings side.

She said in a small voice, “Young Master Ling, take some of it secretly, the audience wont be able to see.”

Han Zhuolings gaze had been following her, but previously, it had been on her face all along.

When he heard her speak, he then shifted his gaze down.

He was clearly hungry from smelling the hotpot just before, but now, his eyes could no longer see the hotpot as his gaze had landed on her hands.

The black hotpot container accentuated the fairness of her hands alarmingly.

On this alarmingly fair pair of hands, the fingertips of these ten fingers were all burning red.

It was that obvious.

In his eyes, that was more alarming than the fairness of her hands.

“Did you burn them” Han Zhuoling suddenly asked.

“Huh” Shi Xiaoya had not reacted.

She followed Han Zhuolings gaze and realized that he was referring to her fingertips.

Han Zhuoling narrowed his eyes slightly.

As a makeup artist, all she relied on was those pair of hands.

“Ah, its fine.” Shi Xiaoya did not mind.

She quietly retracted her hands and placed her fingers behind her ears to reduce the heat.

“It will be fine in a moment, and its not very hot.”

Han Zhuoling saw that her fingers were pinching her ears, blocking her fingertips from sight.

He could not see them anymore.

But he could still remember the redness on it.

He pursed his lips and said, “Dont do this next time.”

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