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That was pretty good.

She did not like men who lost all sense of discipline when they drank.

If they did not even have such basic self-control, what could they achieve

“Dad, this is way too much.” Han Zhuoling felt embarrassed saying it, so Shi Xiaoya said it first.

“And youre mixing them together, which will make one drunk way too easily.

You will get an upset stomach afterward.”

“Im happy today,” Shi Guanzhong said as he laughed heartily.

“I dont really drink usually either.

Its rare that I can be with Zhuoling, so we father and son-in-law can have a good drink together.

You are not allowed to hold us back and dampen our spirits.”

Shi Guanzhong then said to Shi Nancang, “Nancang, you keep us company too.

Lets have a good drink together.

We father and son also have not had a good drink together for a long time.”

Shi Xiaoya watched as the way Shi Guanzhong called Han Zhuoling changed from Mr.

Han at the start to son-in-law.

Seeing that she could not stop him, she turned to look at Han Zhuoling apologetically.

How bad would it be if he was forced to get drunk on his first visit here

Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “No worries.

Since Uncle is happy, I will accompany with.”

“Exactly, Xiaoya, dont stop us.

What a mood spoiler!” Shi Nancang said very unkindly.

Shi Xiaoya did not dare to go against Shi Guanzhong, but she was not afraid of Shi Nancang!

She just threw a glare directly at him.

Shi Nancang scoffed once in his heart.

His younger sister treated him so well in the past.

Yet now, because of some other man, she even glared at him!

See if he wont make Han Zhuoling dead drunk today!

Shi Xiaoya could only ask Du Yiqin for help.

Du Yiqin also felt bad for her future son-in-law, so she warned them and said, “You guys better know your limits! Its Zhuolings first time coming today and you want him to go back drunk.

Thats too unruly!”

“Dont worry, we know what to do,” Shi Guanzhong said.

Du Yiqin thought to herself, “What do the both of you know about what to do”

But looking at the situation now, it was not stoppable.

Han Zhuoling secretly squeezed Shi Xiaoyas hand and said, “Dont worry, its fine.”

Shi Xiaoya could only look at him apologetically.

When they were drinking, Shi Xiaoya desperately picked food out for Han Zhuoling, to let him eat more when he was free, lest he felt uncomfortable drinking on an empty stomach.

In the past, whenever they ate, it was always Han Zhuoling taking care of Shi Xiaoya.

But this time, being “attacked” by both Shi Nancang and Shi Guanzhong at the same made Han Zhuoling a little too busy.

Seeing that Shi Xiaoya was deboning fish for him again, Han Zhuoling quickly said, “You dont need to worry about me.

Quickly, eat your food.”

“Youre only focused on drinking right now.

You will feel uncomfortable if you dont eat,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Seeing this situation, Han Zhuoling quickly started putting food on her plate.

Du Yiqin had taken note of how Han Zhuoling took care of Shi Xiaoya and could not help but keep nodding in approval.

Her thoughts earlier on were correct.

She could tell that Han Zhuoling usually took good care of Shi Xiaoya.

At least, Han Zhuoling looked very adept at taking care of Shi Xiaoya.

It was actually Shi Xiaoya whose actions were a little clumsy and did not look very familiar with what she was doing.

But Shi Guanzhong felt very displeased when he saw it.

Even though Shi Xiaoya lived alone outside, she rarely had to do things herself, let alone take care of other people.

Usually, the Auntie at home would go over to help her with the household chores.

When Shi Xiaoya cooked occasionally, that was out of interest, to make life a little more interesting.

When she was at home, she would even be pampered by the whole family.

It had always been other people taking care of her.

When had she taken care of other people before

But now, she took the initiative to take care of Han Zhuoling.

This kind of treatment, even he as her father had not enjoyed before.

Hence, Shi Guanzhongs mood swung back and forth between joy and jealousy.

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