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Chapter 2072: Can I Still Believe You

“As long as you need me for something, I will do my best to help you.

“For you, I even went to jail before.” Xia Qingyang sighed.

“Whatever you want to do, whether you want to find trouble with Xia Qingwei or Lu Man, you could have just told me straight.

Could I not help you Anyway, Im already like this now, I dont care about my image anymore.

Why must you treat me like a fool to play with”

Xia Qingyang laughed mockingly and remarked about herself, “It is indeed because Im stupid.

The words that you told me, if someone else were to come and say that to me, I definitely wouldnt have believed them.

But its because you told me that that I did not suspect anything at all and just did what you said.

“After the incident, when the truth came out, I then felt that I was stupid, and even more so that I am tragic,” Xia Qingyang said bitterly.

“My daughter refused to say anything directly to me and was just using me.

Even my daughter is using me! Then for the half of my life that I still have to live, do I still have any real relatives left

“My husband is having an affair, and my daughter is just making use of me.” Xia Qingyang shook her head and laughed mockingly at herself.

“Previously, you said that your dad might still be yearning for Xia Qingwei.

Although I felt that it was impossible, because you were the one who said it, I believed you.

In the end I made such a huge joke of myself in front of Xia Qingwei.

Getting dragged out like a madwoman.

“And you just stood by the side to watch.

From start to end, you didnt say a single word.” Xia Qingyang felt even more uncomfortable the more she thought about it.

Being schemed against by her own daughter, it made her feel even worse than Lu Qiyuan having an affair.

Anyway, she had long seen through Lu Qiyuans character.

Lu Qiyuan was mostly just useful to her.

But as for Lu Qi, she really gave her all for her.

“You despise me for embarrassing you.

But you used me, and when you were instigating me, why didnt you find me embarrassing then” Xia Qingyang asked.

“Mom, I didnt!” Lu Qi would deny it to the very end.

“Yes, just now I… I did really not come out to help you.

But thats because I knew, even if I came out, it would have been of no use.

Who would have listened to me Han Zhuoli Lu Man Or Xia Qingwei None of them treat us like family, so no matter what I said, it would have been useless! I was indeed… indeed scared.

My career hadnt seen any improvement to begin with.

If, because of the incident this time, it became even more hopeless, I…

“I want people to talk about me, but not with this kind of topic,” Lu Qi said.

Who knew if Xia Qingyang believed her, but Xia Qingyang continued saying, “My whole life, all the times I embarrassed myself was because of you.

If I were on my own, why would I embarrass myself so much Ever since your career started having problems, I went to find trouble with Xia Qingwei and Lu Man for you, each time embarrassing myself more than the previous time.

“To the point that now, I just cracked the pot and went all out, like a madwoman.

I know how they think of me.

They say Im a shrew, that I was a mistress back then and was a disgraceful person, and now I am still a disgraceful person,” Xia Qingyang said.

“But who did I do all this for”

Looking at Lu Qi now, even Xia Qingyang felt bad for herself.

For Lu Qi, she inched step by step to turn into the state that she was in now, yet Lu Qi was disdainful of her and felt that she was embarrassing.

When she needed her help, she instigated her.

And made her act like a shrew.

When she found it embarrassing, she hid far, far away from her.

“You said your dad wants to get back with Xia Qingwei again, but it was not true.

You just said that to instigate me to go there to cause trouble,” Xia Qingyang said.

“Then, youre telling me now that that mistress of his could be his assistant.

Can I still believe you”

Lu Qis face fell, pretending to look all indignant.

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