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Chapter 2114: Because I Care

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She then nodded and said, “Calling him Second Younger Brother sounds good.”

Anyway, Han Zhuoli sounded really smooth when calling her Elder Sister-in-law, and he did not stutter when saying it at all.

After saying that, realizing she went off-topic, Shi Xiaoya coughed and said, “Then, let me continue.”

Shi Xiaoya pointed to the photo and said, “This is secretly taken by Second Younger Brother, which means you were not warned or not prepared for it beforehand.”

In fact, he had long forgotten what the situation was back then.

After all, that was already more than a decade ago.

“Look here.” Shi Xiaoya pointed to a corner of the photo.

“This girl happened to be looking at you then.

I didnt notice it at first, I thought it was just a girl who happened to be in the photo.

“Until I saw all these.” Shi Xiaoya then flipped to the next photo and said, “Look, you were shooting archery here.

Then look here.

That girl is here.”

“When you were playing basketball, you were here, and that girl is also here.

“This photo was during the sports meet.

You were warming up, preparing for a race.

Look at this aisle, this girl is hiding here and keeps looking at you.

Shi Xiaoya showed Han Zhuoling every photo.

It was really… that girl was in every photo.

Until the last mass graduation photo, Shi Xiaoya said, “Look, you are standing here, and that girl is standing diagonally behind you.

“She didnt look at the camera, shes looking at you.” Shi Xiaoya minced her lips and said, “Although from that angle, she most likely cant see your face, at most, she can see the back of your head plus an ear.”

When she said that, why did he feel as if he was being dismembered

But after Shi Xiaoya said that, Han Zhuoling also noticed too.

Especially with the graduation photo as comparison, the same person was in every photo, so it could not be mistaken.

“I really cant remember who this person is,” Han Zhuoling said, frowning.

Shi Xiaoya laughed and said, “Its good that you dont remember.

What if you remember it and keep that memory in your heart”

Han Zhuoling smiled a little happily, which was evident in his eyes.

“I didnt expect that you are quite conscientious.

You even noticed such an unremarkable person.”

“Because I care, so I notice every detail around you,” Shi Xiaoya said honestly.

It was her honesty that made Han Zhuoling truly elated.

He felt as if his heart was dancing, and he felt so exuberant.

However, Shi Xiaoya thought that the girl in the photo was definitely not some unremarkable person.

She could not tell who it was because, after all, girls could change quite a lot too.

How she looked now might be quite different from how she looked in the past.

But to be able to attend Jixia Academy and be in the same class as Han Zhuoling, her family background must not be any less influential either.

It was mentioned previously that Jixia Academy was not a school that just anyone with money could enter.

The family background of the students had to make the cut too.

How many families pulled their connections and tried to find people to use money to buy an admission spot into the school but failed

Those who could enter would not have come from ordinary family backgrounds to begin with.

And the class arrangements of Jixia Academy naturally were arranged according to family background class by class.

It was not to discriminate between backgrounds.

It was the direct opposite of that.

They were precisely afraid that in a class, if the family backgrounds were too different, there would be situations where people would get bullied by others.

There would surely be people whod go out of their way to flatter and suck up to those who came from better families.

But say there were students who became outcasts from a group..

When the students from good family backgrounds banded together as a group and so did their followers, who followed the leading group blindly to bully other students, their family members would not be able to resist the bullying either.

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