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Chapter 2128: Who Said Its a Coincidence

“It might also be that he didnt know beforehand but was just worried that Shi Xiaoya might be bullied here, so he especially came to boost her presence.”

“Anyway no matter what, Han Zhuoling is really… way too considerate and nice towards Shi Xiaoya.”

After all, these things that Han Zhuoling did for Shi Xiaoya were things he had never done before!

He broke all his rules just for Shi Xiaoya alone.

Shi Xiaoya quickly went up to Han Zhuoling.

She remembered Han Zhuoling saying that he would not atten the gala tonight.

“Why did you come over” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“I came over to fetch you.” Han Zhuoling held Shi Xiaoyas hand.

Shi Xiaoya smiled and asked, “You brought the invitation letter”

“No.” Han Zhuoling pointed to himself.

“My face is the invitation letter.”

He sounded so arrogant saying that.

But, that was true.

Shi Xiaoya could not help but laugh.

“Thats true though.”

“Are you done with work” Han Zhuoling asked.

“Yeah, we can go now,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Hence, the two of them started walking outside.

Ever since Han Zhuoling came over, everyones gaze had fallen on him and Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya naturally felt it too.

But she was not affected at all, and she remained gracious and at ease.

There were some smart people who could tell at once that, just based on this point alone, Shi Xiaoya might not be some common person.

How many people could remain unfazed under such situations, not feeling uncomfortable even with everyone staring at them

Even celebrities such as themselves who were used to being in the limelight would feel nervous at the start.

But Shi Xiaoya seemed to not have such feelings at all, as if she was totally used to it.

What kind of major events had she seen before, for her to be so used to it

Smart people would already think of certain things.

And as for the organizers

When they saw Han Zhuoling come, they were quite happy at first and wanted to see if they could make him stay.

Yet he just came to fetch his girlfriend.

Hed just entered the venue, yet he already wanted to leave after fetching his girlfriend.

He did not have any intention to stay at all.

Each one of them was dumbstruck.

Han Zhuoling did not care about all these.

He simply brought Shi Xiaoya along to leave the venue as if there was no one around.

It was probably because of his aura that even the people who wanted to make him stay or wanted to say a few words to him did not even dare to go up to him.

So the whole time, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya walked unobstructed.

“I just saw Xia Yixin being taken away by the police,” Han Zhuoling said after they walked out of the venue.

“Yeah, what a coincidence,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Who knew that Xia Yixin would be here as well”

Shi Xiaoya said, “She was even planning to slander me for coming in between your marriage just now.

In front of so many people, she loudly claimed that I am a mistress.

I think she probably wants to whitewash herself and seize the chance to smear my reputation again.

“But its quite a coincidence as well.

She had just slandered me about this when the police came, saying that they are going to arrest her on charges of slander.

“If the police had come a little later, or if they had not come at all today, even if Xia Yixin was really slandering me, there would inevitably be some people who will believe her,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Anyway, good things have few believers, whereas bad things have many believers.”

“Who said its a coincidence” Han Zhuoling gave a faint smile as he said that.

Shi Xiaoya suddenly stopped in her tracks in surprise and looked up at him.

She widened her eyes.

“You called the police”

Han Zhuoling shook his head.

“The police indeed only found out that the mastermind was Xia Yixin yesterday after tracking the clues.

They wanted to go and arrest her yesterday, actually.”

Han Zhuoling gave a faint smile before he continued, “I thought of how today, there happened to be this charity gala.

As one of the board members of this charity organization, Cen Mengqing will definitely come and attend.”

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