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Chapter 2455: Why Would You Call Me Uncle

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“Your soul is already stabilized.

You are a person who belongs to this world.

This kind of accident wont occur again, rest assured.”

As she was the person who was able to bring her back, Lu Man wholeheartedly believed in Xie Jilings abilities and word.

Hence, when she heard her say that, Lu Man also felt assured.

Xie Jiling walked to the door together with Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai opened the door while Xie Jiling turned and waved to Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

“Well be going now.

Bye-bye, Uncle.

Bye-bye, Older Sister.”

“No, wait a moment.” Han Zhuoli immediately stood up.

Now that Lu Man was fine and hed seen Xie Jilings skills, Han Zhuoli also trusted Xie Jilings promise.

So, he was completely relaxed now, and his mood was no longer tensed up.

He thus had the heart to care about other things as well.

Like, for example, the issue of how he was being addressed.

Xie Jiling and Wei Wucai stared at him curiously when Han Zhuoli stopped them.

They wondered what else he had in mind.

Han Zhuoli just stood up and complained, “You called her Older Sister, so why would you call me Uncle”

Xie Jiling said very innocently, “Youre already 32 years old.

If youd worked harder and got married earlier, you could have had a daughter as old as me now.”

After saying that, Xie Jiling then mumbled, “So theres nothing wrong with calling you Uncle.”

“No.” Han Zhuoli laughed from being angered by her.

“You said you… you call Man Man Older Sister and call me Uncle.

But we are husband and wife.

You are mixing up our seniority if you address us like this.

Is this appropriate”

Wei Wucai almost laughed out loud.

Han Zhuoli looked like he was really quite angry.

He was even stammering when he spoke.

Xie Jiling scratched her head and said, “Its a bit inappropriate, right”

“What do you mean a bit, its too inappropriate,” Han Zhuoli said angrily.

Wei Wucai smiled and said, “Young Master Han, Jiling is still young.

The young lady is just a girl.

She only just graduated from senior high.”

“But she still cant mix up our seniority levels,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Either you call her Auntie or you call me Older Brother.”

Xie Jiling glanced at Lu Man, then at Han Zhuoli, feeling troubled for a long moment.

She finally looked like she was forced against her will as she looked at Lu Man and greeted, “Auntie.”

Lu Man: “… ”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

So she wont call him Older Brother.

Over her dead body, was that it

Was he that old

Lu Man thought to herself that she had purely been implicated by Han Zhuoli in this.

She could not help but throw a glance at Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli really felt very indignant and upset.

Wei Wucai was afraid that if Xie Jiling continued staying there, she might get beaten up, so he quickly pulled this honest young lady away.

The hospital ward was finally left with only two people, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli turned around, his eyes staring at Lu Man unblinkingly.

When he saw that she was still here, Han Zhuolis heart finally felt assured.

“You finally woke up, thats really great,” Han Zhuoli said.

He sat back on the side of the bed and hugged Lu Man within his arms once again.

Lu Man also hugged Han Zhuoli tightly.

Although she could stay by his side in her past life, she had not been able to touch him.

She could only truly meet him and touch him on his deathbed during his last moments.

Now that she came back again, she saw the young and healthy him and hugged him tightly and dearly.

The dearness and preciousness Lu Man felt in her heart were indescribable.

She did not want to let go of him even for a moment.

“You said I was in a coma for nine days,” Lu Man said.

“Hm.” Han Zhuoli nodded, burying his face in her hair.

To be able to hear her voice, talk to her, and feel her hug really felt so wonderful.

“Xie Jiling said that today was the last chance.

If you still couldnt come back today, then you wont have been able to come back anymore,” Han Zhuoli said.

As she had just woken up, Lu Man still felt a little dazed, her memory still a little distorted.

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