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Chapter 2516: Come In, Let Me Have a Look

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“And your eyebrows are very thick.

You dont even need to draw them after you thread your brows.

Your lashes are long and even a little curled.

When I look at you, I feel like theres not much difference whether you put on makeup or not.

“Ah, I forgot to say.” Han Zhuoli smacked his right fist on his left palm and said, “You have fair skin.

Did I not say that before Its because Im too used to it, so I forgot to say it.

Its so fair that it dazzles my eyes.

“Especially…” Han Zhuoli gave a low chuckle, lowering his head and his eyes slightly.

From this angle, he was indescribably sexy and seductive.

It made Lu Man want to look for her phone and quickly snap a photo of this moment right there and then.

How could he look so good

“Especially when you are in my arms and being thrust into by me until your body trembles uncontrollably, that fairness of your skin, its so dazzling that I almost cant open my eyes.” Han Zhuolis slightly hoarse voice slowly rang out in this quiet night.


His soft words had a gentle yet sexy charm to them.

They drifted into her ears smoothly, tugging at her heartstrings right away.

Lu Mans heart was racing furiously, her whole body reddening at once.

Why did this man arrive at such an indecent topic as he spoke!

Yet the way he said it sounded way too natural and smooth.

Before he came to this topic, no one would have expected it at all.

When he changed the topic, it was already too late.

As Lu Man only peeped her head out, so Han Zhuoli could only see her small face that was blushing.

He really wanted to see if her body had the same pink glow as well.

“Man Man,” Han Zhuoli called.

His voice was just as hoarse as it was just then.

Lu Man felt as if there was an electric current pulsing through her body.

She felt really aroused by his voice.

“Come in, let me have a look,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man clutched the door frame with one hand and held her thick wedding dress with her other hand.

She felt a little nervous, actually, almost as nervous as she felt during her wedding today.

It felt really strange.

But she had to let him see sooner or later.

She finally managed to change into a wedding dress that was so difficult to put on.

Wasnt it just because she wanted Han Zhuoli to take a look

Lu Man took a deep breath.

She lowered her head and slowly inched out, lifting the hem of her dress as she slowly walked into the bedroom.

Han Zhuoli could not help but hold his breath.

It was too beautiful.

No matter how many times he saw it, he felt that she looked too beautiful.

In the day, she stood on the red carpet.

The space was wide, so it highlighted the grandeur and beauty of her wedding dress.

But now, the space in the bedroom was limited.

With Lu Man wearing the wedding dress here, although it seemed a little more constrained compared to how she looked during the day…

There was actually an added layer of intimacy to it.

When she stood in front of him like that, with no one else around them anymore…

Only he could see her beauty now, and no one else would be able to admire it.

Her beauty belonged solely to him right now.

Han Zhuoli looked at her carefully at a three-step distance.

From the hem of her dress, which covered her legs, his gaze slowly inched up, bit by bit.

Up to her thin and slender waist.

Han Zhuoli thought to himself, why was the space between her waist and her arms so big

How was her waist so thin

Of course he knew how thin her waist was.

He felt desire every time he hugged her.

When he wanted her and both his hands were grasping her waist, it felt so thin as if he could break her waist if he exerted just a little more force.

His fingertips could almost touch each other.

Afterward, his gaze shifted up from her thin waist up to her neckline.

From her fair and glowy skin around her neckline, and finally up to her face.

He outlined her facial features carefully with his gaze.

The thing that Lu Man worried about did not exist at all.

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