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Chapter 2612: I Dont Give a Shit About You

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“Han Zhuoling doesnt have any female friends, but you will still only feel satisfied after you dont allow him to talk to a person of another gender”

“Miss Lian!” Lin Liye stood in front of Shi Xiaoya.

“Xiaoya did not say anything to me.

Before you came to my house, I didnt even know you existed.

Zhuoling and Xiaoya have just returned and found out that you came to our house.

“If you really identify yourself as a normal classmate, we welcome you.

But a classmate will not bring us trouble like how you did.

You clearly do not want to just be an ordinary classmate, or did I misunderstand you” asked Lin Liye coldly.

If she denied it, she would only be Han Zhuolings classmate, and she would have to keep her distance.

But if she admitted it, it would mean she had other intentions, and all the more she had to keep her distance.

Using a normal mindset, this was what Lin Liye thought naturally.

Unexpectedly, Lian Qingyin said, “Auntie, why do you think that way I was just visiting as Han Zhuolings classmate.

Why do you all have to think of me as a bad person, thinking that I have evil intentions You guys… you guys… you guys are being such big bullies.

“I come with good intentions, but you all think of me as a bad person.”

Lin Liye finally understood why Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya had a speechless, disgusted expression when she mentioned Lian Qingyin.

It was very disgusting to meet this type of person.

Han Zhuoling did not try to hide the hatred on his face.

Not only was he not hiding it, but he wanted Lian Qingyin to see it clearly.

Sure enough, under his gaze, Lian Qingyin felt terrified.

Then she heard Han Zhuoling say, “We tried not to shame you too much before.

If you want to throw away that opportunity, then fine.

What classmate Dont use this title to gross people out.

Youre willing to use this title to gross us out, but I am not willing to look at you.

“No matter what intentions you have, I still think youre disgusting.

No matter how proper your reason is, you cant lie to us or yourself.

“No matter what you say, my family and I do not welcome you,” said Han Zhuoling cold-heartedly.

“Dont appear in front of us or even near us.

Your presence will only gross me out.”

Lian Qingyin could not hold back her tears.

Her tears started flowing down as she shook her head vigorously.

She could not believe that Han Zhuoling would say this to her.

So cruel.

“Zhuoling, how can you say this…”

“Why cant I You gross me out.

Why cant I say that” said Han Zhuoling coldly.

Was Lian Qingyin not playing the unreasonable card

Whatever they said, Lian Qingyin could reply to them with “But Im just…”.

It was as though they were the ones being unreasonable.

Han Zhuoling then used the same trick that she used.

“Im just…”

“Just my classmate” Han Zhuoling laughed coldly.

“I just hate you.

I am not willing to even see you.

I dont give a ** about you!”

Han Zhuoling was really furious, so even curse words came out of his mouth.

This man looked like a cold person, scaring people with just his appearance.

But thinking closely, most people were scared because of his aura.

Before he even opened his mouth, people had already surrendered.

In reality, he had never spoken any curse words or scolded anyone before.

Even with the disgusting things that Xia Yixin did, Han Zhuoling had acted decisively, but he did not say any curse words..

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