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“Once you reach the airport and meet the people in the crew, give me a call.

Also, after you reach your destination and settle down, give me another call,” Xia Qingwei instructed, not at ease.

Although Lu Man had traveled a lot with Lu Qi in the past, she was now traveling alone, hence Xia Qingwei was very worried.

“Alright,” Lu Man smiled and answered, not at all thinking that Xia Qingwei was being naggy, “Before I fly, Ill also give you a call to inform you.”

“Yes!” Xia Qingwei nodded her head, “Have you taken your identity card, your wallet, and your bank cards Even if you forget to bring anything else, dont worry as these are the most important and whatever you are lacking you can buy when you reach there.”

“Ive taken them,” Lu Qiyuan dragged the luggage and reached the doorway, “Mom, when Im not at home, you need to take care of yourself.

If Xia Qingyang or Lu Qiyuan come here again, dont even open the door for them, let them continue knocking on the door, dont care about them.

No matter what the situation is, let me settle it when I come back.

If there is a problem, you can go and find Big Brother Han, you dont need to be too polite with him.”

“Dont worry, Xiao Han has already instructed me on these things.

When you are outside, just focus on filming and take care of yourself, dont let yourself get hurt, theres no need to worry about things at home.

If theres anything, Ill give you a call,” Xia Qingwei turned around to convince Lu Man not to worry.

Lu Man smiled and went to open the door, but who knew that upon turning the doorknob, it would not turn at all.

She frowned and tried again, but it still did not turn, and when she tried to pull the door open, it would not even budge.

“What is it” Xia Qingwei asked.

“I cant open the door.”

“Whats going on” Xia Qingwei came over and turned the doorknob and pulled on the door, yet did not succeed.

“Mom, listen! Can you hear some kind of sound from outside” Lu Man put her index finger in front of her lips and lowered her voice.

Xia Qingwei stopped and listened carefully, there were indeed some sounds outside.

Lu Man leaned on the door and looked stealthily through the peephole on the door, and what she saw made her fly into a rage and grit her teeth.

Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang were outside the door, Lu Qiyuan had even brought a few bodyguards who were fiddling with her door.

“Who did you see” Xia Qingyang saw that Lu Mans expression was not right and pulled Lu Man aside.

When Xia Qingyang saw Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang through the peephole, she saw red everywhere and started trembling.

Xia Qingyang raised her voice and yelled, “Lu Qiyuan! I know you are outside, open the door right now!”

“No! Open the door to let Lu Man go to the film location” Xia Qingyang laughed sarcastically.

At that instant, Xia Qingwei lashed out, “Lu Qiyuan, what right do you have to stop Lu Man from joining the film crew!”

“Its for her own good,” Lu Qiyuan said, “If Lu Man wants to act, she can tell me and Ill find resources for her and let her film, theres no need to take upon such a dangerous role.

What kind of mother are you, not caring at all that she might get injured while filming”

Xia Qingwei laughed loudly.

“Lu Qiyuan from when did you start caring about Lu Man so much You just dont want her to film, you just cannot stand that she is living well!”

“Im Lu Mans biological dad, how could I not want the best for her”

“Dont call yourself Lu Mans father anymore, you arent worthy! Youre shaming the term father!” Xia Qingwei was seeing red everywhere as if she wanted to kill someone, “Lu Qiyuan, I really dont understand, why is it that you cant stand Lu Man living well You only like Lu Qi, thats alright, then Lu Man can just act like she doesnt have you as a father.

Lu Man wants to go and film, also its just the role of a third female lead, she did not even block Lu Qi in any way, yet you are still stopping Lu Man anyway, not willing to let her live well We are living our own lives happily and have nothing to do with you all, so can all of you just stop constantly coming here and disgusting us!”


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