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Chapter 2632: Ambushed

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Although Wu Mosen was an internationally acclaimed director, since he was going to produce a film here, he definitely had to liaise with the entertainment companies in the country.

Guo Yujie remembered that Shi Xiaoya mentioned before that the Han Corporation did indeed invest in Wu Mosens film.

She just did not know if the Han Corporation invested in it first or only decided to invest in it after learning that Shi Xiaoya was interested to interview for the makeup artist role in the production crew.

But no matter what, Han Zhuoling could definitely have a say on this matter.

He could even demand that Shi Xiaoya could decide on her own which lead character she wanted to do makeup for.

Wu Mosen would also definitely give him face.

But Shi Xiaoya did not do that.

“But with Young Master Ling around, at least no one else would be able to surpass him and take away your spot,” Guo Yujie said.

“As long as its a good environment with fair and equal competition, given your standards, you dont need to be scared of anyone.

Just relax first so you can better present yourself later on.”

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and agreed.

And every makeup design she had here was the result of her researching and repeatedly editing them for days and nights.

If she edited them again on the way there, she might not be able to make any nicer edits.

If her heart was flustered, she might very likely make worse edits to them.

So Shi Xiaoya put away the drawings.

After securing the flap of the folder, she had just put it into her bag when the car suddenly made a sharp turn.

Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie were completely unprepared sitting in the back seats, so the two of them swung to the same side at once.

Xiao Yu said in a slightly tensed-up voice, “Miss Shi, Miss Guo, please fasten your seat belts and hold on tight to the handles.”

“Whats going on” After Shi Xiaoya sat properly, she did not dare to hesitate and quickly fastened her seat belts together with Guo Yujie.

The two of them sat at the back, so they really were not in the habit of wearing their seat belts.

Xiao Yu checked the car doors and made sure that they were already locked.

Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie tightly grabbed the car handles at the roof of the car near each car window.

“There are two cars that suddenly came to bump us,” Xiao Yu said.

Luckily, he had reacted quickly and avoided them.

Previously, there had been many cars on the road.

There were cars that were tailing him behind a few other cars, so he had not realized it.

Now that there were fewer cars on the road, those two cars had revealed themselves.

Xiao Yu then felt that there was something amiss, so he got his guard up.

It was also thankfully because of this that when those two cars suddenly crashed into them, Xiao Yu could then swiftly dodge.

This was the first time Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie had both met with such a situation, so their face both turned ghastly pale.

But Shi Xiaoya still clutched Guo Yujies hand and comforted her, “Dont worry.”

The moment she said that, those two cars flanked their car on both sides and suddenly crashed into them from either direction.

Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie could clearly feel the car doors denting in towards them.

Their car had been shaking violently from being rammed into by the two cars flanking their sides, so the two of them had not dared to sit too close to the car doors either.

Guo Yujie could not help but start screaming and shrieking.

Even Shi Xiaoya almost screamed.

The two of them could no longer hold on to the car handle at the roof of the car, so they tightly gripped the back of the car seats in front of them.

Xiao Yu jammed hard on the accelerator and the car charged out from the flank attack by the two cars.

But not long after it charged out, the rear of the car got rammed into viciously.

Shi Xiaoyas car rear got flung out just like that, leaving the car tilted sideways as it sped forward.

Xiao Yus face was hardened and taut, which showed that the situation was evidently extremely serious now.

Shi Xiaoya reached into her bag to grope around, wanting to take out her phone to make a police report.

But the car kept getting rammed in from the back non-stop, shaking them violently, making Shi Xiaoya unable to grab anything at all.

She quickly said to Guo Yujie, “Yujie, you look for your phone too and call the police!”

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