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Chapter 2643: Once the Opportunity Is Gone, Its Gone

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Wu Mosen also said, “Dont be nervous.

I know you got cut off just now.

Gather your focus again and dont worry about the disturbance around you.”

Wu Mosen could be said to be very obvious with his words.

No matter how dense someone was, he or she would know whom he was talking about.

Moreover, the people in the room were not dense at all.

Lian Qingyin had already reached the door.

When she heard Wu Mosens words, she stopped in her tracks.

Wasnt Wu Mosen talking about her right now

Saying that she had disrupted the interviews


Lian Qingyin pretended as if she did not hear Wu Mosens words and left the room.

Without Lian Qingyin and her assistants disturbance, this makeup artists performance returned to normal.

On Lian Qingyins end, the moment she stepped out of the door, she saw Shi Xiaoya.

Of course, Shi Xiaoya also saw her.

When she saw Lian Qingyin, Shi Xiaoya immediately knew why that assistant was giving her such a strange attitude.

If she was Lian Qingyins assistant and Lian Qingyin was the person-in-charge she was talking about, then everything made so much sense.

No wonder that assistants attitude towards her was the complete opposite of how she had treated other people.

“Shi Xiaoya, youre still here” When Lian Qingyin saw Shi Xiaoya, she gave a very surprised expression.

Shi Xiaoya could not help but wonder whether it was also Lian Qingyin who had sent people to cause the car-crashing accident she had met with on the road earlier.

She did not expect that Lian Qingyin would actually be one of the judges.

Since Lian Qingyin was a judge, she would definitely know that she was coming for the interview and when her interview time slot was.

Then the possibility of her sending men to ambush her on the roads was way too big.

Lian Qingyin walked over and gave Shi Xiaoya a fake smile, saying, “I heard the assistant call your name previously for the interview and was quite surprised.

I didnt think you would come too.

But I think you were late.

My assistant called your name quite a number of times, but you didnt come.

“So, even if I had the heart to help you, I cant possibly waste everyones time.

We really cant afford to delay things anymore, so we could only pass over you.” Lian Qingyin checked out Shi Xiaoya from head to toe and said, “From the looks of it, you came late.”

Guo Yujie did not know who Lian Qingyin was, or about the things that Lian Qingyin had done.

But she could tell that Shi Xiaoyas expression was cold, so she clearly did not look like she was on good terms with Lian Qingyin.

So Guo Yujie did not say a word.

From Lian Qingyins words, it sounded as if she was being quite considerate of Shi Xiaoya.

But her words just sounded really off, as if she just did not want to wish Shi Xiaoya well.

Guo Yujie more or less understood what her attitude was like then.

Shi Xiaoya gave a small smile, then stared squarely at Lian Qingyins eyes and said, “We were met with an accident along the way, but luckily, we came out fine.”

Shi Xiaoya knew that Lian Qingyin would definitely not help her.

So she decided not to say things like giving her another chance after the interviews ended.

She just stopped talking after giving a brief explanation.

Anyway, Wu Mosen had to come out from this door.

She could just say that to Wu Mosen directly.

Lian Qingyin could guess what Shi Xiaoya was planning to do.

How could she let Shi Xiaoya see Wu Mosen

If she really saw him, Wu Mosen might really give Shi Xiaoya a chance.

Lian Qingyin then said, “Werent you told to leave early on Since youre late, you missed your chance for an interview, so you wont be able to participate in this anymore.

Shi Xiaoya, once the opportunity is gone, its gone.

You should quickly go back.

Stop staying here and wasting your time.”

Shi Xiaoya raised her eyebrow and said, “Didnt you say you wanted to help me just now Now that Im here, you can just help by giving me another chance.

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