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Chapter 2736: Lets Be Candid Here

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“I need to know everything in order to help Miss Lian.

I didnt ask you to step aside, so please do not ask me to do that.”

Besides, Lawyer Hu came later; he had no right to ask him to leave.

Lawyer Hu did not say anything else.

He took out a notebook, wrote something on it, tore the paper, and passed it in front of Lian Qingyin while covering the paper.

Lian Qingyin frowned in confusion.

Who was it that sent him Why did he need to be so mysterious

What was it that could not be said in front of Lawyer Wang

With confusion, she took the paper.

On the paper were two simple words.

Black Market.

Lian Qingyins eyes widened.

Black Market knew that she had been taken to the police station to be investigated.

And they even sent a lawyer in such a short time.

“What do you want!” Lian Qingyin subconsciously felt that he was dangerous.

Lawyer Hu said, “Please make Lawyer Wang excuse himself.”

Lian Qingyin was a little afraid.

She had heard many rumors regarding Black Market from other people.

When she heard them, she thought that Black Market was very dependable and could protect the clients interests.

However, now that it was her turn, a chill was sent down her spine.

As she was terrified, the more Lian Qingyin did not want to let Lawyer Wang leave.

To put it in simpler terms, this Lawyer Hu represented Black Markets interests.

He was not here to be her lawyer but probably to threaten her so she would not give away information about Black Market.

So, of course, Lian Qingyin would trust her own lawyer.

She was not sure how much Lawyer Wang could help, but with another person, Lawyer Hu would not dare to do anything to her.

It could be used as a warning to him.

Lian Qingyin said, “Lawyer Wang is my lawyer; I will not hide anything from him.

Either you say it in front of him or you dont say it at all.”

Lawyer Hu thought for a while and said, “Miss Lian, since youre so uncooperative, if anything happens, dont blame me.”

“Are you threatening me” Lian Qingyin raised her eyebrows, but she still felt terrified.

She leaned over and kept her voice low.

“I know why Black Market sent you here.

They are afraid that I will give them away.”

Lawyer Hu smiled and whispered back, “Miss Lian is a smart person.”

“Since you admit that I am a smart person, then please believe that I will not give Black Market away,” said Lian Qingyin in a low voice.

Their voices were too low.

Even Lawyer Wang had to lean in very close to hear them.

Afraid that Lawyer Hu would not believe it, Lian Qingyin explained, “After I came here, I have not said a single word until Lawyer Wang came, then I discussed with Lawyer Wang.

The police do not have any evidence, so they wont be able to catch me.

“If what Black Market said is true, then the two people will definitely keep my identity a secret, which means that this accident would not be related to me at all.

I will not admit it no matter what they say.

If I dont admit it, I wont have to speak about Black Market.

You just need to worry about whether those two people can keep this a secret.”

“If you want me to believe you, it can be done,” said Lawyer Hu.

“But I need to become your representative lawyer.”

Lian Qingyin paused.

Lawyer Wang saw this and said, “Miss Lian, lets be candid here.

You asked me to be your lawyer first, but now another one came suddenly, wanting to replace me.

If you let him replace me, youll be toying with me! As you are a client, I cant say anything about you recklessly changing lawyers..”

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