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Chapter 3415: You Two Are At The Wrong PlaceTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The fox spirit looked more and more terrified.

It was also getting weaker and weaker.

It kept screaming and struggling in Xie Jilings grip.

“All things have a spirit.

If you had no intention of harming anyone, I wouldnt have done anything if I saw you.

But you had the audacity to hurt someone.

I will take your hundred years of spiritual power away,” Xie Jiling said coldly, “The sins you have committed will be recorded in the book of life and death!”

The fox spirit was extremely horrified.

Finally, the soul of the fox spirit faded in color.

Although everyone else couldnt tell what Xie Jiling had done, they could see the difference.

It was obvious that the fox spirit had become very weak.

And so, they guessed that Xie Jiling had taken away something from the fox spirit.

It seemed to be spiritual power.

The soul of the fox spirit weakened.

It no longer dared to look at Xie Jiling with eyes filled with hatred.

It just begged that Xie Jiling would let it go.

Even if it had lost its hundred years of cultivation…

As long as it was alive, it could continue cultivating!

It had lived a hundred years.

Another hundred years would be nothing.

To the fox spirit, this would just be a blink of an eye.

Xie Jiling sneered and contacted the underworld.

Immediately, a black hole appeared along with the soul reapers.

The soul reapers happened to be the two soul reapers Xie Jiling had encountered at He Qingyangs house.

They were the two who asked Xie Jiling for some hotpot offerings.

“Lady Xie!” When the two saw Xie Jiling, they were filled with so much joy.

This meant that they could get a good meal!

They werent in a hurry to deal with the fox spirit.

Instead, they said to Xie Jiling, “Lady Xie, dont you think our new clothes look really good”

The two had previously been wearing uniforms of ancient soldiers.

But this time, when they appeared, they were modernly dressed in short-sleeved t-shirts and short pants.

The patterns of the shirts and shorts were floral.

One was wearing an orange short-sleeved shirt and green beach pants, and the other was wearing a yellow floral short-sleeve shirt and red beach pants.

Although the colors were different, the shirts and pants of the two soul reapers had large sunflowers printed on them.

It looked especially conspicuous.

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The clothes were so colorful that Han Zhuofeng and the others could barely keep their eyes open.

Looking at the way these two were dressed, Xie Jiling wanted to say that these two soul reapers were at the wrong place!

These were clearly clothes for a vacation at the beach.

“Your clothes…” Xie Jiling asked hesitantly.

The two soul reapers looked really proud.

One of them happily patted his shirt and said, “When we were previously guiding souls, we saw people dressed this way, and we thought they looked good.”

“We thought that the underworld needed more colors,” the other soul reaper said.

Everyone: “…”

Were the employees of the underworld supposed to act this way

Why were they so different from what they had imagined!

Initially, Han Zhuofeng and the others thought that the workers of the underworld would be really creepy.

Even if they werent devils in animal forms, they definitely wouldnt look good.

Their skin would look grey and pale.

Their expression would be dull, and their eyes would show no feelings.

Those were the standards.

Who would expect the soul reapers to be this colorful

Xie Jiling thought about it and asked, “Is it alright for you two not to wear your uniforms”

“Usually, when we are working, we do need to wear our uniforms.

When we are out guiding souls, we need to wear out uniforms, too.

We cant allow others to think we are unprofessional.”

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


Han Zhuofeng was secretly roasting these two soul reapers.

You two actually knew modern terms like professionalism

“We usually wear this in the underworld during our vacation,” the soul reaper explained.

Han Zhuofeng was shocked.

Oh my lord! Vacations existed in the underworld

“But we just got these new clothes, and we wanted to wear them outside for fun.

However, we only took off our uniforms when we were walking in the passageway,” the soul reaper said, “You mustnt tell anyone.

We were just wearing them secretly for the first time.

We wont do it again.”

The soul reaper didnt expect to see Xie Jiling.

If it were someone else, they wouldnt have been able to report to the underworld.

Therefore, they werent scared.

However, they didnt expect to meet Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling was very familiar with the members of the underworld.

Xie Jiling nodded and stopped asking.

When Xie Jiling saw that the two ghosts still had the intention to show off, she felt helpless.

Knowing that Xie Jiling was present, Han Zhuofeng wasnt scared at all.

Being a very talkative person, he had endured for a long time.

And now, he couldnt endure it anymore.

Han Zhuoling looked like he really wanted to beat Han Zhuofeng to death.

And now, Han Zhuofeng didnt dare to chat with his brother.

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Han Zhuofeng saw that the two soul reapers were quite talkative.

Han Zhuofeng then felt really brave.

He ran to Xie Jilings side and held onto Xie Jilings arm to protect himself.

He then said to the two soul reapers.

“You two shouldnt be wearing this here.

You should wear it when you are on a vacation at the beach.

Upon detecting the location while guiding souls, you can prepare a few sets of clothes.

If you are going to the beach, you can wear this.

You can also wear t-shirts, jeans, collar shirts, and suits.

There are so many clothes you can wear.”

“You can even wear a trench coat in the fall and a jacket in the winter,” added Han Zhuofeng.

Xie Jiling was speechless.

She turned and saw Han Zhuofeng, who was talking non-stop.

She wondered to herself.

Why was he brave now

The two soul reapers eyes widened.

You could do that too

The two ghosts were not to be blamed for their ignorance.

The soul reapers task was to guide souls to the underworld.

They would leave after picking up the soul.

Where else could they go

Normally, they would guide souls in very remote areas where there would be no humans or houses.

Not to mention any tall buildings…

Soul reapers interact mostly with exorcists.

For a more convenient exorcism process, exorcists naturally wouldnt dress flamboyantly.

In fact, some traditional exorcists would wear daoist uniforms.

Such articles of clothing were simple, convenient, and would not hinder ones movements.

Occasionally, they would meet exorcists indoors, but even those exorcists would not dress well.

However, there was just this one time when it was different, and they were summoned to the beach.

An exorcist, who happened to be enjoying his vacation at the beach, bumped into a vengeful spirit and exorcised it.

The exorcist that was on vacation happened to be wearing this same style of clothing.

When the two soul reapers heard Han Zhuofengs suggestions, they blinked and asked, “There are so many kinds of clothes”

The two soul reapers were like hillbillies who had never seen the outside world!

Wei Wucai didnt even know what to say.

These were soul reapers.

Soul reapers were officials of the underworld.

They were officials…

With so many souls entering the underworld, why hadnt those souls become soul reapers

Clearly, it was really difficult to become a soul reaper.

But why did these two look like they had never seen the outside world

Even if they hadnt been soul reapers for a thousand years, they had to be at least a soul reaper for a hundred years now!

Were they really this inexperienced


You dont know” Han Zhuofeng asked in surprise.

These two soul reapers showed their good temperament as they explained to Han Zhuofeng, “We are out here to guide souls, and we leave right away.

We interact mostly with exorcists and ghosts.

We dont know anyone else.”

“We are dressed this way because of an exorcist who exorcised a vengeful spirit while he was on vacation.”

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